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You can play blitz/standard chess, bughouse chess on internet or local network with comfort
including logging internet bughouse chess or blitz chess game with lags (time lost when is move transfered on internet You will not lose !)
Alternative starting positions, chess rules (coin, ingols) and bronstein time control supported.
Net G A M E alows You also training bughouse chess with/against 1 - 4 winboard engines on single PC and more ...
You can study games and make bulletins (rich text documents with diagrams) for bughouse chess : use U T I L S.
Free Download this software and You can run Your own multiplayer chess mini-server and play on net like in Your own chess club over the real board ...

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DoubleChessBoard: View and Utils

(12) You can export whole PGN or BPGN game or any double chess position as Rich Text to make and print nice documents like bulletins with bughouse chess true type font ... Chess games played on single board like standard chess, coin chess or ingols chess can be also exported easily into RTF documents ...
This version including :
(0) Serve as PGN, BPGN Viewer for standard chess, bughouse (double) chess, alternative chess coin and ingols.
(1) Double Chess Board where You can setup any pos and make any moves, no rules checked
(You can save as BPGN or as XPGN).
(2) Complete Bughouse Double Chess Rules HelpFile in english and czech.
(3) Function able replay any Bpgn games (loaded from Ultimate Bughouse Database)
which has no problems with showing pieces droped before taked on second board.
Energy board feature allowing You to be close to bughouse masters thinking ...
(4) Repair function which is able to remove asynchronous error from .Bpgn games
(typically loaded from Ultimate Bughouse Database)
and save repaired .Bpgn file
in format valid for Fermy's BPGNView2 and Blackcomb's BugAssistant
(So You can create .DB file from repaired UBD games
and view it in BA similar way like in standart chess in ChessBase for example !).
(5) Few boards with different graphic - easy to user-customizable, size is calculated. (6) You can use Mobile Phone chess board to make small chess graphics for Wap also ...
(6) Small chessboard graphics,
which can be used to simply make chess diagrams for WAP - mobile phone internet.
You can try it on
(7) Can check and remove duplicity from BPGN
(when adding after syntax check, seeking if in BPGN2 already exists)
(8) Can remove from BPGN games which include User-defined string like "game aborted"
or more general.
(9) Can remove from BPGN comments and annotations {C:...},{A:..}
(10) You can replay BPGN games and You can see also energy of pieces: Energy Board
(Colors You can also customize, just edit bmp file.)
(11)Export to Rich Text print format.
(12)Bughouse chess diagrams in Rich Text format, using CHESSBUG.TTF. This allows to make paper bughouse chess books.
(13)Diagrams automatization. This allows to make fast paper bulletins using automatic generation of chess diagrams for all supported chess variants.
(14)Game Text flip sides
(15)Full creating of new game
(16)Setup of any position and starting playing from this position, Saving position as BPGN (that allowing it replaying it later in Fermy BPGNView2 for example).


Double chess board : NetGame is a multiplayer chess game that supports the bughouse realtime chess variant and of course also fast blitz chess. As bonus You can try play chess from nonstandard starting position :) Download it and try !

And here is actual version of NetGame. Its ideal try if You wish play blitz chess or bughouse chess on local network or internet. DoubleChessBoard:Netgame insist on virtual chess environment allowing to play chess on network or internet in environment which is as possible as chess over the real board, so allowing for example to make illegal move by letting king in check for example, what is blunder that making often internet chess players, the claiming of such illegal move also has to be make personally by opponent and not automacically by server, this support the ability of chessplayer to be able using official chess rules. This software supporting the role of arbiter by logging full and detailed info about game : every move, time per move, lag per move. The idea of this software is that it will be virtual chess environment as close to real chess as possible. Also very important is accent that this software support to be easy for arbiter to asist. So if You need some software to play with friends chess on internet similar way like in some real chess club, You are welcome to try this software allowing play chess like in Your chessclub. DCB:NetGame working like small club chess server on which can 4 chess players play chess and few others can observe the game and chat with all other, so Its also possible kibitz like chessplayers like do it in real chess club, the advantage of this software is that this allowing to have chessclub from chess players that are in different parts of world.
Supports logging full bughouse double chess game info as BPGN file with lags.
Implemented feature bughouse double chess internet game LAG Compensator ! Now if You will play bughouse chess game when You have diagonally better time, You can sit and wait for partner's board moves and lag waves will not affect the game, will only slower the game like lags do it in standard internet chess.
Also is possible to play chess game from non classics starting position. Its very interesting !
You can also play of course only on one board and use this way NetGame for playing clasics chess blitz over internet or network easy.
Using DoubleChessBoard software You can play also time controll known from digital clocks as Bronstein. Play bughouse or chess in such slower time controll allowing You more thinking and create very interesting chess games.

Now can server as (bughouse double) chess mini server for several peoples, 4 can play at any moment and other observe the games.
Special Chess Training feature : Now You can play bughouse chess on single PC with 1-4 winboard (xboard) engines.
Also You can setup position and run computer winboard engine (Sjeng) to analyse it (bughouse, standard chess).

You can select any pieces and any size. You can use BugStuff pieces bitmaps graphic which using Thief or BPGNView.
Or simple create and use any own chess pieces bitmap graphic.

You can use any true type chess font as pieces with any user color for example. Try It!
DoubleChessBoard original fire vs water elemental battle pieces
Added new feature that making DoubleChessBoard more close to chess over the real table: Players voices. Optional different voices of player, his partner, opponent, second opponent, observer or in general per name of logged player. Now You can listen all players voice similar way like if You playing over the real board. For example if will be logged in netgame Sandokanom, then are used \PlayersVoice\Sandokanom\*.WAV files ... But if You can You can use also voices from installed Thief (fics client), only simply select directory Thief\WAVE which contains voice WAV files, DCB understand for example not only exactly "+P.WAV" but also Thief synonym "PGOOD.WAV".

Are common chess engines like Sjeng too hard for You or do You search computer opponent for learning kids play chess ? Use DoubleChessboard's special weak computer chess opponent for children, which offer levels from random generated moves (its fun and help improve child logical thinking from 3 years already - tested) to weak intuitive like playing level for beginners and weaker amateurs.

See DoubleChessBoard online HELP
You can find there for example :
 Playing on internet using DoubleChessBoard chess mini server
 Training Bughouse On Single PC in DoubleChessBoard with up to 4 bughouse chess engines
 How to easy create new or customize opening library for better training with Sjeng-s (bughouse chess playing winboard engine) ?

System Requirements :
Runs on any Windows Operating System tested (first versions runned on win95, version 1.55 runs on Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8) and any hardware (including older PC and netbooks), clients can connect to server via tcp/ip by cable local network, internet or wireless or any combination.

Download here :
DoubleChessBoard 1.55
Or try DoubleChessBoard download from

Some other/old versions of DoubleChessBoard software are here :
DoubleChessBoard 1.55 Light Package (2.15 MB) without help files, sounds etc.
DoubleChessBoard 1.22 Light package (1.8 MB) DCBN 0.51 (1.5 MB), DCB0025i.exe (893KB)

Czech Bughouse chess INFO web Some features are not in public free version, like for example automatic removing player from table by server after he lost connection (no more supervisor need manage it, he just run server), or this or this or this or this or this or this and this new features. Also exists version of DCB with Milano bughouse chess rules (and some improvements). If You need special version of rules of any chess variant to playing, training thru internet with friends, ask author, its possible add new functionality (for reasonable price) into this software. If You wish make your own chess server and develop it, email author for buying the sources of DoubleChessBoard, or look for free linux telnet solution BICS which is open source already in present.
See also here for new chess engines playing bughouse and chess variants.
Other software (not only) for bughouse : Bughouse and chess - software eXTReMe Tracker

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