How to play bughouse double chess

using DoubleChessBoard mini server


0. Download DoubleChessBoard : NetGame

1. Somebody – for example SKAcz – have to run the server

2.Run DoubleChessBoard  1x as client


    NetGame/Join to server      




 ß Write your name here and press Login

Now You have to sit at the table:



When on both sides of chessboard sitting players, the new game can be started.


When players on both sides of chessboard will try start the new game (the same game type),

The new game will be started by server.



( Of course if is on server checked it :



  If this is not checked then administrator on server can start new game.



And now You can play new game.

Before game is good to select some graphic which looks nice for You.

For example You can use predefined profiles using menu : NetGame/Load Profile



Also You can customize many other details, like move by drag-drop, click-click or combined way :




If You playing as Black on A board or White on B board, use flip board:


You can customize many details and save the settings to own profile and next time fast load it.