How to training bughouse double chess

with computers on single PC :

use DoubleChessBoard

with winboard engines


0. Download DoubleChessBoard : NetGame



1. Run DoubleChessBoard 1x as server




press OK

Click on login

2.Run DoubleChessBoard  1x as client

NetGame/Join to server





  Write your name here and press Login



Now You have to sit at the table, take all 4 players

and set Sjeng computer engines as  3 players,

then You can play

     You (human) + Sjeng (computer) vs Sjeng (computer) + Sjeng (computer)

     You (human) + Sunsetter (computer) vs Sunsetter (computer) + Sunsetter (computer)
or You can arrange where Sjeng and where Sunsetter playing.


(You could also use more complicated way with 4 clients, where some could be runned on other computer connected by local network or internet of course. This way You can use simple more PC’s processors.  But this is not explained here, this can be done by repeating step 2 with sitting at table only  on 1 player place from one client.)


The fastest way is to use special menu: NetGame/Special/Hotseat : Training bughouse




Press all Yes simply



If You will press yes the new game will start immediately.

(wait a moment until computer will start the game. The processor 1GHz or better is recommended, but should work on slower also)


Now You are black on B board and You can start new games by

 NetGame/Start New Game/ Time control



This always working from server menu, but when atleast 2 opponents are on the same client,  its work from client menu also. Otherwise its like request only and somebody from opponent‘s team has to make the same request to be started new game.


If You wish play as white instead of black, then you have to set Off computer as WhiteA,




and set ON computer as BlackB:





And now You can start new game

and You will play as white on A board with Sjeng (computer) partner as black on B board

against 2 Sjeng winboard chess computer engines as opponents.


This is only fast manual. V 1.00

SKAcz 2006