Bughouse doublechess : Missed checkmates (in Fermy view)

Here are missed checkmates from real games (more will be in bughouse book we working on).

English: This javascript bughouse chess viewer (made by Fermy, improved by SKAcz and Wir) You can use for replaying and analysing bughouse, crazyhouse or standard chess games stored in BPGN text file format directly from web browser (works also offline). It has functionality to read .BPGN text file from disk, so You can for example on android (or any operating system with html5 browser) tablet or smartphone simply open file with games and replay and analyze it. What is great news for who was limited to windows (where most of software for viewing .BPGN files working). Imagine now You can play games, or somewhere download and then u offline can replay it! In train, in bus, without internet, on any device with web browser ...

Česky: Tento javascriptový viewer umí přehrávat partie uložené v .BPGN formátu i bez připojení k internetu na jakémkoliv zařízení a operačním systému s webovým prohlížečem podporujícím HTML5.

Here is older version with only upload bpgn files version with only upload bpgn files tested on android.

Česky: Zde je Převaděč z PGN do BPGN, který může být velmi užitečný pokud máte partii klasického šachu či crazyhouse uloženou jako PGN a chcete si ji přehrát online zde či v BPGNView3.

Here is Convertor from PGN to BPGN which can be very useful when You have for example standard or crazyhouse game stored as PGN and You wish see it online here or in BPGNView3.

Ve Fermyho webovem prohlizeci si muzete i zkouset tahy, staci kliknout mysi nejprve na startovni a pak na cilove pole.
On Fermy web bughouse board You can move pieces and add variant using click on start - click on target square method.