Double Chess ELO Calculator

Double chess ELO calculator 2.00

2003 by : SKAcz If somebody wish to calc rating from some data set or will have some questions just tell or write me please.

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Double Chess ELO Calculator 2.00 released. You need MS Excell to use it.
Now is easy to calculate new ELO based on Or is possible to calculate from such games data set performance for player (all or only for some) without player starting ELO. This requires still little hand work : to find such starting elo that computed new elo will be as close to starting as possible, but its only what You have to do.

About ELO rating system

(This is written also for no-mathematician, but if some of mathematician wish add something, just write me)
In principle ELO rating system is based on this simple idea: The deep mathematics is in Pd_ELO function. Who is interresting in math please go for example to internet resources about The Legacy of Arpad Elo.


Who need (FIDE) ELO calculator for chess (or teams), You can try also (205KB) where are predefined tables for 2 - 11 chessplayers. Its in both MS Excell and format. As bonus includes also 5ELO calculator for making elo system for blitz chess with time handicap for weaker opponents (This system is very motivating and giving weaker chessplayers chance to sometimes win on more stronger opponents - which have to play with minimum time). See where system was succesfully used.
If You need calculate chess ELO from bigger set of games, or maintain Your own chess club rating, You can download for free (79KB) - when You have set of games results played inside some group of players.
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