Czech Open - International Chess and games Festival, Pardubice 2003, L - tournament : Staropramen Open : 1st official championships of Czech Republic in bughouse doublechess
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The first official championships of Czech Republic in bughouse doublechess, modern realtime form of chess, was the first officially by chess federation ratified championships in this discipline in the world ! The Czech Chess federation ratified the complete bughouse rules as official for playing bughouse tournaments in CR. In CR we call bughouse chess also "holand'any" what is slang version of dutch chess.
Holanďany - Český web | Bughouse - Czech Web The historical introduction : The first official tournaments in double chess was played in Czech countries at the end of 20st century, was organized by Lukas Jandourek in Neratovice (20 KM North direction of Prague). In 2000 one official tournament was organized in south czech city Ceske Budejovice. In 2001 was in Hradec Kralove (100 KM east direction of Prague) started first officially several months noted championships of region : PVC 2001 was first officially noted championships of east czech region. As result of meeting players was founded OG Holandany : work group with goal to support this modern form of chess and to prepare the environment for playing this chess discipline as regular sport the same way as classical chess are played. As output of OG Holandany was made official website for sharing informations, logo as symbol, rating system, complete rules and the very important : was organized several tournaments (most in Hradec Kralove). In 2002 few players founded on the internet that will be european gathering of bughouse players from FICS, in this moment czech players founded that exists Free Internet Chess Server as place on which the most and best players of international form of holandany - bughouse are playing. From this moment in Czech Republic the over the board group joined with another on FICS playing czech bughouse players. In Hradec Kralove continuously was organized tournaments in holandany. In Pardubice was each year organized big international chess festival Czech Open and in 2002 the director Dr. Jan Mazuch offered to organize also holand'any tournament as part of this festival, which was already also bridge and go and not only chess festival. In the meantime the winners of strong Berlin bughouse chess open tournament visit the Czech Republic. FICS masters team Fermy (Ukraine,USA) + CreepingDeath (Australia) matched top czech team Tajovsky+Jezbera in Hradec kralove in holandany and won 2x. After this we played in HK also bughouse and CreepingDeath played with Tajovsky the Staropramen Open - the bigest tournament in holandany on Pardubice Czech Open festival (here was arround 25 teams). Quickly after this in August 2002 was organized 2-days bughouse chess gathering in Hradec Kralove. Main star was here CreepingDeath. After this czech holandany players (in this time many started playing on FICS bughouse) set forward to switch from czech local rules to international rules played on FICS by players in the whole world. From this moment was organized several tournaments over the boards, in tradition of precisely made holandany complete rules was writed bughouse chess complete rules (with creating english language version very helped me chessplayer known as RoundTower on FICS) and as the high-light the Czech Chess Federation in 2003 ratified this rules as official for playing bughouse tournaments in Czech Republic and as part of Czech Open was ratified the bughouse chess tournament as official ! And this is for this moment the end of story, Czech Republic is the first country in the world in which bughouse chess discipline championships was ratified as official by chess federation :-) (and maybe 2 names more : my is Dusan skaloud (SKAcz on FICS) and I spent a lot of time by organizing holandany/bughouse tournaments in Czech Republic during 2001-2003 and many thanks belong especially to Jiri Jezbera (Alamar on FICS) who helped me, of course many others helped me : Jiruse made first czech holandany forum and Ivanek the new in 2003 and in OG holandany especially thanks to Lukas Jandourek :-) Also super was support of east czech chess website Jiri Bielavsky! And of course thx all the holandany/bughouse players that played over the board tournaments!)
14.7 2003:
The open championships of Czech Republic in bughouse doublechess was played on digital clocks, qualification as swiss system : 7 rounds, 2 games in round, 5minutes per game. In each team was first and second player and player played x opponent player on the same board witch both colors.
On start 26 teams from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia.
The team favourite before tournament was Hradec Kralove duo M.Tajovsky + J.Jezbera, with best OTB Czech bughouse rating 2218 BELO. On FICS this players are known as Matejus and Alamar with best higher rating among czech players on FICS (but they doesn't played on FICS as team). The main sensation was that very strong chess grandmaster S.Movsesian will try play bughouse!
Here are the results of qualification part :
Qualification : swiss system
RankTeamTeam bELO1.
1Tajovsky Martin (FICS:Matejus) - Jezbera Jiri (FICS:Alamar)221824232428220526111
2Pridal Ondrej - Skaloud Dusan (FICS:SKAcz)198591102625212308211
3Pekarek Petr (FICS:Pecous) - Mencik Pavel (FICS:Wir)1884152101726241227110
4Cechura Petr - Cerha Michal1965182132109231811019
5Potapov Alexandr - Krapivin Vladislav1910192172812092101129
6Potapov Pavel - Rozhkov Viacheslav1816162722030182122119
7Stehno Pavel - Fiala Jan184425260111212121132319
8Velecky Viktor - Fuchs Frantisek1935222112511013241208
9Matsenko Sergei - Gorovich Eduard17882121212240501411928
10Vysochin Spartak - Malakhatko Vadim197314220252120172111418
11Krasa Marek (FICS:Sandokanom) - Doubrava Pavel16892328071181202101507
12Letal Ivan (FICS:Ivanek) - Husak Milan (FICS:Lojza)17802112029010271601417
13Fiser Martin - Kubelova Sona (FICS:Sona)14672624018115280702327
14Cernousek Lukas - Drahorad Daniel1590100191161251212911217
15Zeman Martin - Soukal Roman1441302412221301911712527
16Cerveny Petr - Pekar Vaclav140160250.51412212312422016.5
17Praude Renate - Orlovska Madara158420250302321001511816
18Londyn Radek - Filipi161040262131111602011716
19Cerveny Martin - Jerman 146050141210262151222906
20Movsesian Sergei - Kajan Milan14051701202622421101811616
21Houskova Magda - Klima Lukas140412190192701402512215
22Gavrilovs Dmitrijs - Bolshakovs Vadims1196802311501612621902115
23Papacek Milos - Mikyska Kamil10851102212411701612621305
24Jambor Ladislav - Pacovsky Martin1210101512312002511602625
25Krupkova Petra - Pospichal Karol136470161.51001412412111504.5
26Kriz Pavel - Petruzalek Radim5091301802001902202302400

The best 10 teams qualified to play finale A, the rest played finale B. In final groups we played each team versus each 2 games in 3minutes per game time control. As You can see few teams stoped playing after qualification.

FINAL A - open championships of Czech Republic in bughouse double chess, Czechopen 2003, Pardubice

FINAL B - open championships of Czech Republic in bughouse double chess, Czechopen 2003, Pardubice

Performance calculated in Microsoft Excel You can download here. Here is the poster.

So as You can see the best czech team and first official champions in modern realtime chess discipline : bughouse are Martin Tajovsky + Jiri Jezbera, both from TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove, the "main city of bughouse chess in Czech Republic" :-) They losed only one point in last round when already was clear that they are the champions and that they will be writed into history of czech bughouse chess by golden ink.
If some foreign team will wish visit Czech Republic, this team (trained very from the times when Fermy+CreepingDeath was here) as they did say me is prepared to any challenge ...

The more photos will come soon ...
Staropramen Open, Czech Open 2003, Pardubice, 14.7.2003, SKAcz