2002 : Fermy+CreepingDeath in Czech Republic

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(In 2002 czech players started learning international bughouse rules, but was trained in original czech rules in which pawn cannot go to 8. rank, pieces in hand are invisible for opponents and advice concrete move is restricted. Also touch-move was played, but we made compromise: Fermy + CreepingDeath learned holandany rules and czech players played clock-move)
From results:
In Saturday was matches in bughouse (FICS like rules), from 10 games was arround 2 points for czech in every combination of czech players.
Sunday 1.6 First match against best czech team in original czech holandany rules, this was the true match in rules that czech players trained in several czech tournaments, 5minutes per game on digital clocks.
Result Fermy+CreepingDeath 9:6 Matejus+Alamar.
In Monday was second match (3 minutes per game), from begining it was gone very good for czech team (4:0), but then Fermy said to CreepingDeath something like : "Was enough, now tournament mode OK ?", and then was 4:4, 5:5 and 7:5 ! Ukraine-australian team total winners !
After this also other combination of players tried challenge F+C in 3minutes bughouse, but best result was 3 from 10 (SKAcz+Pridal), all others not more than 1 from 10.
We have to say was total victory of CreepingDeath + Fermy international team, which month before won also Berlin bughouse 2002 tournament.
SKAcz from Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

CreepingDeath stayed in Czech Republic until the end of August 2002, here is one panoramatic photo from Hradec Kralove.
If somebody wish also have such nice photo, its easy : just visit Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic, czech players wish play bughouse chess ! :-)